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  1. You know, Luffy will be so strong as a Pirate King, that he won’t need any struggle to use his gear forms. He only needs his awakened form to knock these tough guys out. He can make weapons out of his body and bearing the power of shape-shifting.

    Plus his Gear forms will only be needed on his level only.

    And also on 20th birthday he will disband the crew forever and 10 years will be passing. That he will live in agony. Besides he will train his ass off hard because he will always having that nightmare when he’s or his friends being killed. And sometimes sees Nightmare Luffy (Gear 5th) in his dreams that he’s killing him the way like he killed Blackbeard.

    Also he will give a badass name to Gear 5th to the final gear as Boogeyman because the powers of G5 is so terrifying that worths up with the powers of Buster Call but 5x lethal. He can change the size of his limbs and his own size the way he likes without blowing any air.

    Gear 5th needs 1000x more blood pumping and 2x more air blow. Where Luffy needs to get angry. **HARD.**

    Also he will get married to Hancock and they will have a son, **Monkey D. Buffy.**

  2. Tbh, I feel like this is the style for the face the person who made the other post, of a drawing of Luffy as a Pirate King in the future would look. Like.. The face Luffy has here, on the top right in this picture, and ofc. minus the eating. The one drawn by the other is perfect. Face just reminds me of a mix of Black Beard and Usopp

  3. I like the art and all, but I sincerely hope adult Luffy wouldn’t have to go into arm-Gear 4 just to beat some fodder units. He would have mastered his Haoshoku Haki to such an extent, similar to Rayleigh, that he wouldn’t have to lift a finger.

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