26 Replies to “Akainu (10 feet) compared with the tallest man ever Robert Wadlow (8’11)”

  1. One Piece is a romance (first chapters name, Dawn of Romance is defining this aspect), everything is romanticized. That’s why everything is exaggerated. Luffy’s journey is told from a perspective it was remembered.

  2. I’ve never thought about it, but tailors must have a hell of a time making uniforms for the Marines…like, they have to make stuff for big guys like Akainu, but also **fucking giants**

  3. Power creep? Nah, height creep.

    Each new straw hat since Robin has been taller than the last. She was the tallest when she joined at 6″, then Franky at 7″, Brook at 8″, then finally Jinbei at 9″. So obviously Akainu has to be the next straw hat since he’s 10″ /s

    Except “shorty” Caesar (Brook size), every New World final boss has also been taller than the last from Hody Jones to Doflamingo to Jumbo Size Katakuri to Super Jumbo Kaidou.

  4. Can logias change their appearance at will?

    It’s a bit of a random question, but this post made me think that Akainu could be any height he wanted to be by manipulating the magma/lava that makes up his body.

  5. Have to say… Robert Waldow didn’t exercise…

    He should’ve kept working out like Akainu…

    And look at Akainu… he definitely works out… and not the took a new year resolution so worked out for a day.

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