Dragon Ball GT: What The Hell Happened?

I will now speak about the world’s most infamous piece of Dragon Ball Z fanfiction: Dragon Ball GT Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Supereyepatchwolf Lets …


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  1. I think the writers of gt didnt capture the image that the original writer did remember we are all unique and people cant really grasp what journey he took through life our stories are inspired by our lifes events and our outlook on it and no one in gt could relate

  2. Dang. This video and a lot of the comments got me thinking I need to sit down and watch GT in its entirety. I had cable growing up just long enough to finish watching most of Z and somehow never made it past a few random google searches into GT later in life.

  3. the steps to making GT pretty good.

    One: Don't have Goku being a child.
    two: Get rid of the first arc entirely, or just come up with a way to make it better and not geared towards children.
    Three: Make super 17 a better Villain, I like his idea but not how he was used.
    four: the first half of the shadow dragon arc needs to be improved.
    Five: Improve the designs of the shadow dragons, except for Omega, Nuova, Eis ,Syn, and Oceanus.

  4. I have to heavly disagree, yeah, the goku kid thing was stupid, but everything else was holding true, I've watched dragon ball for a REALLY long time now.

    And ssj4 was AWESOME

  5. I love GT, and I would even put it above Z. You are entitled to your opinion, but I sure as shit don't agree with it. Also to respond to the description: GT is not a "Dragon Ball Z fanfiction", it's an actual sequel that focused more on being like DB and not like Z. In the words of Commissioner Gordon "Because [GT is] the hero [Dragon Ball] deserves, but not the one it needs right now. That's why they'll [hate it]"

  6. I couldnt get passed2nd episode, so thank you for suffering through it for me. I love DBZ and have 9 seasons on dvd which i watch from start on a regular basis. Even db super is hard for me to get into mostly due to a change in art style.

  7. 15:47 and 15 years later he changes one of the dumbest characters to one of the most interesting and empathetic character. Truly a sign to never give up. And to show how awesome toriyama really is.

  8. Yeah hardship and progression when it's basically this
    Oh no a villian is gonna kill us
    Oh no you just train and you will magiclly be able to beat them
    For that read one piece it is so much better and wayyyyy less predictable

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