Dragon Ball Kai Coming to the US

In a conference call, Navarre Corporation, parent company of
anime distrubtor FUNimation announced they now hold the
license for Dragon Ball Kai!
Navarre says the anime will arrive to American shores later
this year. No specific date or outlet was revealed, however.

We personally would love to see it air on Cartoon Network as
the Dragon Ball series has had much success on there, but
expect to be released straight to DVD and/or online on
FUNimation’s website. As mentioned before, an outlet was not

For those unfamiliar, Dragon Ball Kai follows Akira
Toriyama’s Dragon Ball manga. Unlike Dragon Ball Z, Dragon
Ball Kai follows the manga more closely and is rumored to
span 100 episodes, as opposed to DBZ’s 291. In addition it’s
presented in high-definition with a re-recorded soundtrack.

Dragon Ball Kai premiered in Japan on April 5, 2009, and has
consistently ranked among the top 10 anime in viewer ratings
every week since.

Source: ANN

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