Dragon Ball Super: Front-Side of Goku’s New Transformation Shown

Son Goku is getting a new
transformation in Dragon Ball Super! From our understanding,
he is glowing a fiery red from the back, which we first saw

back in June . From the front, which was just revealed
today in Shueisha’s V-Jump magazine, Goku has his normal
black hair slightly raised and is surrounded by blue aura as
if he were Super Saiyan Blue with silver eyes!

We’re assuming the fiery red is simultaneously happening in
the back as the blue aura and silver eyes are in the front.
It could very well be possible one is shown before the other.
Of course as we know more, we hope to let you know right here
on Anime Games Online!

Dragon Ball Super: Front-Side of Goku's New Transformation Shown

Thanks Jose Rafael Castillo

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