Dragonball Absalon Episode #5.3

Gohans Deadly Mistake Co Wrtier Justin Grand Gibson subsribe to this amazing writer!!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDf_Qmyy8sKmq5SLVG7jS8w …


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  1. I only give credit where it is due and honestly speaking this DB Absalon series is pretty dope! I like the music, the dope transoformations and really cool scenes of just talking, not just boring ass filler types, but them kind that would make you stop eating and your jaw open with full focus, the intensity, being 24 years old I haven't felt such intensity and been focused watching Dragon ball since I was a boy. Dragon ball all the way till super was being pretty typical. Yes, I love everything dragon ball related, but it's as if they repeat the same old crap with different characters. I like how that old saiyan looking dude is saiyan to the core and how he hates half breeds and the laugh he has is just perfect, if I was a boy and watched this, this would have me feeling a little scared and I love that feeling, but I don't get that because I'm a grown ass man lol. However, the different scenes, breathing after being knocked out, the little differences and dope dialogues, transformations and a twist to the saiyans what makes this fun. Where is the next episode?

  2. Speaking as a martial artist ans scientist I commend you taking the fighting to a more intimate level. By showing a Kenpo, Boxing, Muay Thai, and Capoeira style of combat you simultaneously show their skills and yours. I honor your grasp of form and motion and I hope to see YOU on the Dragonball team in Japan. I think I speak for most Martial artist and anime fans alike when I say I am very proud of you. You have shown a subtlety that is rarely seen in animation.

  3. I really hope your next episode continues this fight cause its so good!. I'm excited to see more of what gohan can do considering how you had him imply he can go higher. Full powered gohan v full powered kosho!!

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