48 Replies to “God Usopp!!!”

  1. I have a theory that Usopp is going to load up 2 ancient impact dial into his balloon hammer on both side and just one shot a unsuspecting Yonko. All he needs to do is to sits back and fire about 500 impact wolf seeds into a dial and start hammering. You don’t even need to recharge it because if you have a dial on each side the recoil from the first impact will recharge the other. If he blocks the enemy’s attack with the hammer not only he doesn’t get hurt but he can hit back harder. Oda can literally make him god mode if he wanted to, all the pieces are already there.

  2. The reason why he’s on my least favorite strawhat in the post-ts is because of his ammunition, fancy plants. Wish he upgraded to something like this. I love his slingshot before and near to realistic ammunition where he uses some combo like vs arlong’s subordinate

  3. After usopp got haki I wish more of the crew would get it. Imagine robin with haki. I assume she trained with dragon during the two years I’m surprised she didn’t develope it.

    I know we already have the monster trio but everyone on the crew needs to step up

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