God Vs God – Iwen & Arak & Liquir – Dragon Ball Super Episode 96

I do not own Dragon Ball Super Disclaimer: All credits & rights goes to Tōei Animation Sidra Vs Frieza, Dragon Ball Super Episode 95, Dragon Ball Super …


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  1. So for those who hate DBS.

    This is what caused the tournament of power not Goku being an idiot.

    Zeno loved universe 6 vs 7 tournament.

    Zeno didn’t like the Gods of destruction fighting as it was too fast so he ordered a tournament of power so he could enjoy it more involving all the universes.

    Goku in the Manga is so much better than the anime.

  2. As strange as it may sound, i am glad that they brought back the animal people, furries, anthro's whatever you want to call in DB Super as i always found that they were a race, branch, sub-species of humanity in the dragonball franchise which could have been extremely powerful, even become main characters such as Oolong had the potential of being with the shapeshifting rather than plain old human looking aliens like saiyans etc.

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