I don’t like that the new movie is canon – Dragon World

They just retconned every form after SSB. There is no SSBKK, SSB royale blu’ or MSSB.

Which also heavily degrades the fight for me since everyone seems so much weaker than they were before the movie. It just seemed to go backwards.

I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I really hope they adapt the movie into the anime with the new forms and added content.

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  1. Here’s the thing: When different Dragon Ball products are written by Toriyama, Toei, and Toyotaro respectively, we are going to get discrepancies. It’s just something you’re going to have to accept. Toriyama didn’t create SSBKK, SSBE, or MSSB, so to him, SSB is the highest tier Goku can willingly use. Conversely, an anime adaptation written by Toei will likely inlcude SSBKK and SSBE while a potential manga adaptation by Toyotaro would probably include MSSB. It’s just the way things are now with multiple cooks in the kitchen. There will *never* be a single, unified “canon” for Dragon Ball. Just multiple continuities of similar stories being told.

  2. How did it retcon them? Just because they didnt use other forms/power ups doesnt mean they are gone. They still know SSBKK and SSBE. The only thing the movie retconned was the Bardock Origin story.

  3. Toriyama just wrote the outline for anime Super, but he wrote the whole screen play for the Broly movie. Toriyama did not come up with SSBKK or SSB royal. They were not in his outline, so he did not feature them in the movie. That’s about it really.

  4. The reason they didn’t go ssbkk and royal was because broly would likely match them again after a little while… they had to go way above his power so he couldn’t catch up.

  5. Toryiama didn’t create those forms so when he did the outline for the movie he naturally did not include or use them.
    Not retconned just ignored by someone who did not conceive of them.

  6. It’s only as canon as you want it to be, because the people in charge don’t make a big deal out of that sort of thing.

    I mean, just the fact that there’s two different concurrent versions of Super with noticeable plot and element differences says a lot already, and then this new movie doesn’t specifically follow either of them.

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