64 Replies to “Nami & Robin Beach Day [Drawn by me, inspired by the latest colorspread]”

  1. I just read through all the comments here. Let me be really clear. This is not hentai. This is not pornography. It does not belong on r/FunPiece. **It is not even Echii.** This also does not qualify as NSFW. Girls in bikinis with big boobs are literally in One Piece constantly.

    Please read the full rule documentation for rule 8.

  2. Nami’s face looks like Chopper and Sanji fused together, put into a human skin, and then shown a woman made out of cotton candy (it’s One Piece – a cotton candy fruit probably exists).

    Robin looks like she’s in an advertisement.

    Good job with the art though!

  3. I like that Robin has the whole “deal with it” face going on, complete with cool sunglasses. Kinda pulls the whole thing together.

    Pretty great work. I look forward to your other one piece fanart.

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