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  1. Neji was able to learn the Rotation, the Eight-Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms with just seeing it. Yet he doesn't rig up some sort of bypass for the curse mark? I feel like he should be smart enough to do it.

  2. I posted on another video of the abilities in which Neji would have. Its was the one where Neji dad had a new ability with his eyes. Its called, New leader of the Akaski.

  3. Neji should get to return having learned how to release his curse mark and he learns that all Hyuga have had theres releasted as well. This should be a spin off Rock Lee story arc. Kakashi is the Hokage and Lee learns that Neji was was reborn a long with all who had died in shippuden even befor the war so Asuma as well. This was do to edo Pain setting a time triggered rinarebirth in his final moments to bring back everyone after Kaguya dies. Nagato kearns about her after sommunimg king of hell in a fight with Zetsu which he learns about the real truth about the black Zetsu but never reveals that he new it. It was at this moment he sets a jutsu to rinarebirth all who would die making him a hero the all of the land. This also brings back the Sasuke brother and Sai brother who both rejion the anbu and are on the same team with tourna and foo which now guard Naruto with mask on at all times in the baruto. Asuma is head of the police force with all differand clan mebers in it as like the anbu and medic units and other units. In boruto the Uchia clones all are used by Kabuto to bring back the whole clan but madera and they all was in a genjutsu that made them relise that the leaf is home which makes them completely loyal to the leaf. In the filler arc where Kakashi was Hokage Lee not only finds Neji but also all out fights him ending in a tie. Lee tells thos story but Naruto does not see why he didnt come home so he is forced to call him a nlmissing nin. Lee then fights naruto all out to protect Neji and remind Naruto to never give up on a friend and this fight ends in a tie. Lee was found weak after the fight with Neji and this is why Naruto and Sasuje makes him a missing nin. One Lee and Naruto fight in the middle of the arc, then Sasuke says that he will take this burnin of sayimg a friend. The arc will end with the new Neji Powers of his eye like his dad had in a filler episode Head of the Akaski. Neji will match Sasuke in all area's.

  4. Neji was literally beating up a little girl and refused to stop even though she had given up, not to mention him bashing the main branch infront of its leader. I'm glad that the mark was used to its full extent to make him learn a lesson. For all you people bitching about how cruel the curse mark is…well would you rather have had Hiashi break his face and hit all his Chakra points and leave him on the floor drooling for days? I mean whatever teaches him a lesson I guess

  5. I know he made a split second decision(her dad) but sheesh just beat him down…this was too much for a kid. He wouldn't murder her in front of like two or three pple like that anyway…and Neji is mah boi he ain't a killer like that. He just wanted her to stop being scared and be brave. Glad this chakra magic isn't real and stuff cuz sheesh….it'd be a disaster.

  6. Ok lemme set this straight. First off, Hinata is NOT weak ok? She didn’t get much training as Neji did, so of course she wasn’t prepared. Secondly, I 100% agree that Hiashi took it far but c’mon think about it, if ur daughter was being threatened, you’d most likely do the same thing if u had the ability. Third, Neji’s goal is to PROTECT Hinata…not kick her ass or kill her. So Hiashi was really just protecting Hinata and it’s his fault she’s not AS strong as Neji. That doesn’t mean she’s weak and he’s fully in the wrong, but Hiashi is still an ass don’t get me wrong.

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