NEW Cooler Gameplay with Commentary! – Dragon Ball FighterZ

New Cooler Gameplay with Live Match Commentary! His Team Synergy with Frieza looks Very Powerful! Plus his Combos look Devastating and Fun! _ _ _ _ _ _ …


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    I always Enjoy doing Match Commentary like this! Maybe one day I will get to Commentate at Tournaments 😀
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  2. I don't even own this game, but I always find myself watching these videos. I'm convinced that this game is the most artistic and beautifully executed DBZ fighter arcade game of all time. I'm so blown away by how good the graphics are getting these days (the last DBZ game I thoroughly played was Budokai 3). It's a great time to be alive as a gamer in this current era no doubt.

  3. So if cooler is pretty much done already (in regards to intros and animations excluding the dramatic finishes) then that might mean that either in 2 months or next month we're gonna see who is the other character coming with Cooler in the DLC pack.

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