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  1. u/OharaLibrarianArtur
    Sorry, but the part about Zoro obtaining the sword that Ryuuma slayed the dragon with was a misread. The more literal translation should be “Now that Zoro obtain shusui from Ryouma after their duel, a new possibility appear, that there might be a new legend of dragon-slaying(龍)”
    Personally I think it’s pretty interesting they mentioned a possible new dragon legend twice in the article(once after saying that Zoro obtain shusui, the second after saying Kaido is a dragon).

    Also there’s a typo regarding Brownbeard and I am not a member of TalkOP tho I would like to be one lol

  2. Waaaaait what what what what?

    Is it basically telling us that Vegapunk might’ve actually designed the Fruit based on Kaido? this also leads to a theory that the Celestial Dragons are the ones who wanted Vegapunk to develop Artificial Devil Fruits but he probably faked failure if we assume he has ties to the revolutionaries.

    AND IS IT HINTING ABOUT A POSSIBLE CONNECTION BETWEEN DRAGON AND CELESTIAL DRAGONS!? Luffy Mother Theory comes to mind… oh boy, those 2 pages are loaded.

  3. Well it’s not really new information… It’s just a discussion about the significance of dragons in One Piece, there are some on this sub sometimes too, only difference is how official it all is.

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