(SPOILER) Luffy is physically stronger than that Sweet Commander currently

So I’ve seen several people state that current Luffy is still weaker than Katakuri. I disagree with this idea and wanted to make a post about why Luffy is stronger. This is probably going to be quite long but first:

1. This is a post isn’t about who has better Observation Haki which is a completely different argument.
2. This also isn’t about who would win in a fight as physical strength doesn’t always determine the winner.
3. This post is entirely about who is physically stronger currently between Katakuri and Luffy.

I had to get that out of the way so I hopefully don’t have to explain why certain points are irrelevant to my point. On to the actual discussion.

So in Chapter 883 and 884 Luffy uses Gear Fourth for the first time against Katakuri. Luffy states that even to Katakuri’s Armament Haki Gear Fourth would not lose:

* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-wQu30HYqEQo/WfszzAGNq8I/AAAAAAAE23A/g3FyUR0Ko6sZ2wpmqGypSnUk0qnk9f6GgCHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-006.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-wQu30HYqEQo/WfszzAGNq8I/AAAAAAAE23A/g3FyUR0Ko6sZ2wpmqGypSnUk0qnk9f6GgCHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-006.png)

I don’t see why Luffy would be lying as he’s never exaggerated his power and he makes Katakuri bleed and knocks him back several feet every time he hits him:

* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-gSjAzxmh-fA/Wfszx16CYKI/AAAAAAAE23A/tOOLWDFTVFY6mjXFEUlFwKSQ8HrGN_FzwCHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-003.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-gSjAzxmh-fA/Wfszx16CYKI/AAAAAAAE23A/tOOLWDFTVFY6mjXFEUlFwKSQ8HrGN_FzwCHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-003.png)
* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-EdE8-LzuxZU/WfszyfeK1-I/AAAAAAAE23A/Mrxw21-opGUeeuMYb66e6AL1u_xcUhfxwCHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-004.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-EdE8-LzuxZU/WfszyfeK1-I/AAAAAAAE23A/Mrxw21-opGUeeuMYb66e6AL1u_xcUhfxwCHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-004.png)
* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-2rReTtfsUb8/WfszysR-PzI/AAAAAAAE23A/lrxzTw5Rc1g3as4YTb_LocGfsk0BRR9zQCHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-005.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-2rReTtfsUb8/WfszysR-PzI/AAAAAAAE23A/lrxzTw5Rc1g3as4YTb_LocGfsk0BRR9zQCHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-005.png)
* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-wQu30HYqEQo/WfszzAGNq8I/AAAAAAAE23A/g3FyUR0Ko6sZ2wpmqGypSnUk0qnk9f6GgCHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-006.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-wQu30HYqEQo/WfszzAGNq8I/AAAAAAAE23A/g3FyUR0Ko6sZ2wpmqGypSnUk0qnk9f6GgCHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-006.png)
* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-PS–CsQg73E/WfszzuBMpdI/AAAAAAAE23A/3gPYwcJhWW4cK9aQqF-8seMZTfAO5ptRgCHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-007.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-PS–CsQg73E/WfszzuBMpdI/AAAAAAAE23A/3gPYwcJhWW4cK9aQqF-8seMZTfAO5ptRgCHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-007.png)
* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ZWqCyB9F5io/Wfszz2m5ukI/AAAAAAAE23A/vCqCYL4DwlcgJ12gE5CBgxOIEpN0pJ8YgCHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-008.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ZWqCyB9F5io/Wfszz2m5ukI/AAAAAAAE23A/vCqCYL4DwlcgJ12gE5CBgxOIEpN0pJ8YgCHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-008.png)

Katakuri then states “I’m beginning to realize how my younger brother Cracker was defeated by you!” well imagining the real Cracker:

* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-4tpRKKldfr0/Wfsz0RUTQ4I/AAAAAAAE23A/ZQ0Tsqqpl1MBoU2YpUH-eZZgyNp76BA-gCHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-009.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-4tpRKKldfr0/Wfsz0RUTQ4I/AAAAAAAE23A/ZQ0Tsqqpl1MBoU2YpUH-eZZgyNp76BA-gCHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-009.png)

This is important as it implies that Katakuri thinks Gear Second and Third would couldn’t beat Cracker (even with his weakness to pain which Katakuri probably knows about) and that Katakuri holds Cracker’s strength quite highly. This implies that there isn’t a massive difference in strength between Katakuri and Cracker. Which I think is true as Cracker easily cut into Luffy’s arm in Gear Fourth:

* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-IIgCefceGIo/WZL6pc_0RbI/AAAAAAACucE/zosC77qUMXkHcCPGHRfMXcydd3-pHMuMACHMYBhgL/s16000/0838-005.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-IIgCefceGIo/WZL6pc_0RbI/AAAAAAACucE/zosC77qUMXkHcCPGHRfMXcydd3-pHMuMACHMYBhgL/s16000/0838-005.png)

Now it is also important to note that Katakuri is never shown directly clashing with the initial Gear Fourth and even deflects Luffy’s attacks instead. Which backs up Luffy’s statement that Gear Fourth is stronger than Katakuri’s Armament Haki (Chapters 884 & 885):

* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-JNbJbERoZQI/Wfsz0ozfXSI/AAAAAAAE23A/8S1a68xd4TQBZVmLU7H1rVlT6ZVhFTJ4wCHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-010.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-JNbJbERoZQI/Wfsz0ozfXSI/AAAAAAAE23A/8S1a68xd4TQBZVmLU7H1rVlT6ZVhFTJ4wCHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-010.png)
* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-IGUCq4iZhG8/Wfsz1C6AbNI/AAAAAAAE23A/aZYVIeXnDSM6Y9lcGKS2IpHXtCCrayCLACHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-011.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-IGUCq4iZhG8/Wfsz1C6AbNI/AAAAAAAE23A/aZYVIeXnDSM6Y9lcGKS2IpHXtCCrayCLACHMYBhgL/s16000/0884-011.png)
* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-gncDVXmEMcs/WgXKmSo2CXI/AAAAAAAE_fQ/pmPxMEDxusc2XDhppXW0DN_curhkhuMnACHMYBhgL/s16000/0885-003.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-gncDVXmEMcs/WgXKmSo2CXI/AAAAAAAE_fQ/pmPxMEDxusc2XDhppXW0DN_curhkhuMnACHMYBhgL/s16000/0885-003.png)
* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-7OzZ1fGgzfI/WgXKmz9pUlI/AAAAAAAE_eI/pRUEY-aT8OMA_lTnZWheKORw0uFfrn7IgCHMYBhgL/s16000/0885-004.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-7OzZ1fGgzfI/WgXKmz9pUlI/AAAAAAAE_eI/pRUEY-aT8OMA_lTnZWheKORw0uFfrn7IgCHMYBhgL/s16000/0885-004.png)

Then it chapter 886 we get a flashback of Rayleigh stating that Haki grows stronger during intense fights:

* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-cxa-NgqK_CQ/WhbzbNI7kzI/AAAAAAAFMDI/J_wVkMdbNuIRxRhO1kEoof5wDXF2o7x7gCHMYBhgL/s16000/0886-020.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-cxa-NgqK_CQ/WhbzbNI7kzI/AAAAAAAFMDI/J_wVkMdbNuIRxRhO1kEoof5wDXF2o7x7gCHMYBhgL/s16000/0886-020.png)

In chapter 891 Luffy is capable of countering Katakuri with Gear Third:

* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Eo3i-HNGvc4/WljactSfB8I/AAAAAAAIgJU/VoppOa8v9XIQW949wETEfC2a5vp__B9igCHMYBhgL/s16000/0891-011.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-Eo3i-HNGvc4/WljactSfB8I/AAAAAAAIgJU/VoppOa8v9XIQW949wETEfC2a5vp__B9igCHMYBhgL/s16000/0891-011.png)

Which makes perfect sense as in chapter 857 it is stated that the wedding starts at 10 pm with Luffy vs Katakuri beginning some time after that and in chapter 888 Carrot transforms due to the full moon so it must be like 5-6 am:

* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-X5PUUlgAazQ/WpywlzKYLgI/AAAAAAAFGs8/ncPXD3t9ARwmhCmH1L5X3-TiDdZOxzWQgCHMYBhgL/s16000/0857-015.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-X5PUUlgAazQ/WpywlzKYLgI/AAAAAAAFGs8/ncPXD3t9ARwmhCmH1L5X3-TiDdZOxzWQgCHMYBhgL/s16000/0857-015.png)
* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-n123XhrN1ig/WipBaiD8mxI/AAAAAAAEsf4/yEVlFMwSGXYQPcypZ_ID9ull6fUu4taqwCHMYBhgL/s16000/0888-010.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-n123XhrN1ig/WipBaiD8mxI/AAAAAAAEsf4/yEVlFMwSGXYQPcypZ_ID9ull6fUu4taqwCHMYBhgL/s16000/0888-010.png)

Luffy then continues to fight Katakuri and in chapter 894 (which takes place from 10:10 am to 12:05 am) is capable of taking Katakuri’s punches without screaming in pain like he was earlier in the fight:

* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-1Kvk5Wucvlg/WnwIjQZEtGI/AAAAAAAJduI/uH-D_ltYsfcVVUO-WVz-kgayV9fCOqZtQCHMYBhgL/s16000/0894-007.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-1Kvk5Wucvlg/WnwIjQZEtGI/AAAAAAAJduI/uH-D_ltYsfcVVUO-WVz-kgayV9fCOqZtQCHMYBhgL/s16000/0894-007.png)
* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-EwChpExIbL8/WnwIjy2SfHI/AAAAAAAJdt8/ky6Q3kPZwhcfBMqve7YTdzYwsvLHXdI2QCHMYBhgL/s16000/0894-008.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-EwChpExIbL8/WnwIjy2SfHI/AAAAAAAJdt8/ky6Q3kPZwhcfBMqve7YTdzYwsvLHXdI2QCHMYBhgL/s16000/0894-008.png)
* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-vTaGSJ2JUjc/WnwImkFwVeI/AAAAAAAJduA/jBqeiGtLYkYfAS5_FvwzrPjXwbY7x1JXQCHMYBhgL/s16000/0894-012.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-vTaGSJ2JUjc/WnwImkFwVeI/AAAAAAAJduA/jBqeiGtLYkYfAS5_FvwzrPjXwbY7x1JXQCHMYBhgL/s16000/0894-012.png)
* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-JQjLqJ_O9x0/WnwIoR1Ny6I/AAAAAAAJduE/wTlnV1XDx7UdEwVwJFub4A4rmMjPReeXQCHMYBhgL/s16000/0894-015.png)
* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-PZQfQvWe2oA/WnwIn9cM9zI/AAAAAAAJduI/SsMU0KVW504teUlbOFfBva9j2J1oUYMJACHMYBhgL/s16000/0894-014.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-PZQfQvWe2oA/WnwIn9cM9zI/AAAAAAAJduI/SsMU0KVW504teUlbOFfBva9j2J1oUYMJACHMYBhgL/s16000/0894-014.png)
* [JQjLqJ_O9x0/WnwIoR1Ny6I/AAAAAAAJduE/wTlnV1XDx7UdEwVwJFub4A4rmMjPReeXQCHMYBhgL/s16000/0894-015.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-JQjLqJ_O9x0/WnwIoR1Ny6I/AAAAAAAJduE/wTlnV1XDx7UdEwVwJFub4A4rmMjPReeXQCHMYBhgL/s16000/0894-015.png)

Luffy then uses Gear Fourth: Snakeman and matches Katakuri well both are heavily damaged (Luffy being more injured for obvious reasons):

* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-n9UpI6MvuFU/WoaDilfaNJI/AAAAAAAEMbk/L3AsM7R2R-Q6FiMV5LBuE2rPr47cRbgAwCHMYBhgL/s16000/0895-012.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-n9UpI6MvuFU/WoaDilfaNJI/AAAAAAAEMbk/L3AsM7R2R-Q6FiMV5LBuE2rPr47cRbgAwCHMYBhgL/s16000/0895-012.png)
* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-UOsRFLbd-tc/WoaDjDwZdnI/AAAAAAAEMb0/G9zaxHuCw-cRNV0465mvVmoC5_wDL5WqQCHMYBhgL/s16000/0895-013.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-UOsRFLbd-tc/WoaDjDwZdnI/AAAAAAAEMb0/G9zaxHuCw-cRNV0465mvVmoC5_wDL5WqQCHMYBhgL/s16000/0895-013.png)
* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-OmT4mfz8Wfo/WoaDjY2aqnI/AAAAAAAEMb0/qC-ArGl0_q4y471pU0oBFuM2SlYZinLzgCHMYBhgL/s16000/0895-014.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-OmT4mfz8Wfo/WoaDjY2aqnI/AAAAAAAEMb0/qC-ArGl0_q4y471pU0oBFuM2SlYZinLzgCHMYBhgL/s16000/0895-014.png)
* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-oAxXoTW1E8Y/WoaDj5RVwlI/AAAAAAAEMb0/Jm-5qmhSQKQ_gkHheXYpAi75kcXk4zqxQCHMYBhgL/s16000/0895-015.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-oAxXoTW1E8Y/WoaDj5RVwlI/AAAAAAAEMb0/Jm-5qmhSQKQ_gkHheXYpAi75kcXk4zqxQCHMYBhgL/s16000/0895-015.png)

Now I’ve heard the argument that it makes no sense for Haki to grow stronger as Katakuri didn’t grow stronger during his fight with Luffy. To which I several responses:

1. Katakuri couldn’t be hit by Luffy for the majority of the fight so Katakuri was never in any intense danger that would cause his Haki to grow stronger.
2. Even if Luffy could hit Katakuri Luffy’s hits wouldn’t really do any damage to him do to Katakuri’s Haki being much stronger.
3. Luffy was the one who was vastly inferior so his Haki has far more to grow when compared to Katakuri.
4. Nothing shows that Katakuri didn’t get stronger. So it is entirely possible that he did slightly improve.

It also makes no sense for Gear Fourth: Snakeman to be just as strong as Boundman. This is because Snakeman is stated to be much faster than Boundman. So if they are equal in strength but Snakeman is much faster why bother even using Boundman? A genius fighter like Luffy wouldn’t. So Boundman must the stronger version.

Doflamingo states that Gear Fourth: Boundman is several times stronger then anything Luffy previously used:

* [http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-wZJwQXe6Qbw/WPCyAieevJI/AAAAAAAC_IY/zuqnS1AEOVohRFjH1WeeZXkmInxXu3xqwCHM/s16000/0784-014.png](http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-wZJwQXe6Qbw/WPCyAieevJI/AAAAAAAC_IY/zuqnS1AEOVohRFjH1WeeZXkmInxXu3xqwCHM/s16000/0784-014.png)

In conclusion Luffy is stronger than Katakuri because:

1. Luffy directly states that initial Gear Fourth: Boundman is superior to Katakuri’s Armament Haki.
2. Katakuri holds Cracker’s strength in high regard which implies there isn’t a massive gap in physical strength between them and never directly fights Gear Fourth: Boundman head on.
3. Luffy’s Haki grew immensely during the fight. So much so that he eventually was able to counter Katakuri in Gear Third and defend against him in base.
4. Gear Fourth: Boundman is several times stronger than Gear Third as stated by Doflamingo.
5. Luffy matched Katakuri in Gear Fourth: Snakeman well both were severely injured. With Luffy being more injured as he was much weaker during the majority of the fight so he took more damage and was unable to consistently injure Katakuri until around 11 am which is only an hour and 47 minutes away from the end of a 12-13 hour long fight.

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5 Replies to “(SPOILER) Luffy is physically stronger than that Sweet Commander currently”

  1. Dude, there is a reason why Luffy can go stronger and Kat can’t, it’s because of levels

    Tell when level 50 and a level 40 Pokemon fight, which would gain more exp,

    The level 40 or level 50 one?

  2. You get an A for effort and you do make some interesting points so props on that. However, you, like a whole lot of other people who debate this fight in Luffy’s favor, forgot about one critical point.

    The worst injury done to Dogtooth that fight was self inflicted. One of the best explanations of Luffy vs Katakuri I’ve seen was that while Dogtooth had superior stats, Luffy’s healthbar was a whole lot bigger. Luffy is a total tank (with some extremely rare plot armor), but Dogtooth dominated him for 80% of the fight. His health bar was already much smaller than Luffy’s, and the nuke of damage to it he did to himself means he was in worse shape than Luffy was and he was still kicking his ass for most of it. It took Luffy going into his brand new strongest form to simply be even with Dogtooth. Not stronger, even.

    Also remember that this stopped being a fight to the death because Katakuri is such an honorable man. Once he grew a high degree of respect for Luffy he decided he wouldn’t be killing him anymore, but simply fight to try and stop him. If he maintained the will to kill throughout this may have very well have had a very different outcome.

    The reason people can be upset with this fight’s outcome was because Luffy pulled a Goku which is never okay, you don’t get your ass handed to you for the entirety of a fight then miraculously unlock a new leveled up form at the very end and win. This is why I said Luffy’s plot armor is extremely rare, because it’s only been used twice throughout the series so far and respect to Oda for keeping to it as much as he does. The first time was VS Lucci, and the second was Dogtooth, and the first time was not an instance of going Goku, but the Katakuri fight 100% was.

  3. >Luffy is stronger than Katakuri

    physically, yes. No doubt about that. G4 base and maybe boundman is stronger than Katakuri.

    >Katakuri holds Cracker’s strength in high regard which implies there isn’t a massive gap in physical strength between them and never directly fights Gear Fourth: Boundman head on.

    I dont get it, how could you reach such conclusion. Just because someone rated other highly, its not automatically that they’re about the same.

    >Luffy’s Haki grew immensely during the fight. So much so that he eventually was able to counter Katakuri in Gear Third and defend against him in base.

    Cant be sure about that either. Just like how Luffy have attack range from weak to super strong, Katakuri should be the same. It could be that some of Katakuri’s weaker attack is weaker than Luffy’s G3. Also, you need to take their endurance/stamina into account. Luffy’s endurance is extraordinary. Katakuri may have low stamina because he always beat his opponent quickly, just like Cracker is ridiculously fragile because he rarely get attacked thanks to his biscuit armies.

  4. Yeah pretty much the case. I also think luffy was stronger than dofflamingo in dressrossa. Not necessarily more skilled than doffy but physically stronger similarly to what you’re saying about katakuri. Luffy being stronger than them in some aspects doesn’t make them weaklings. People just seem to severely underestimate luffy.

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