ZAMASU Complete Guide & Combo Breakdown – Dragon Ball FighterZ

Zamasu is a Tricky Character with Damaging Setups! His Flight gives him Great Mobility and his Orbs are Perfect for Combo Extension! This Guide will Discuss …


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  1. Let's Try to Get 300 Likes for Zamasu!

    Zamasu is relies on Setups to summon his Wall of Light and Extend Combos. His Mobility and Zoning are also Incredible!
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  2. I love Zamasu as a character and in this game im glad he's not super easy to use because when u master him u feel such satisfaction. I spent 54 minutes on his combo 10 in combo training

  3. Really getting into FGC videos was watching combo breaker for both DBFZ, and Vampire Savior. Though still stink at fighting games to point where an untrained chimp could perfect me.

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